Philosophy/ Vision / Mission


Virtue Precedes, Wisdom Leads the Way, Create Technology


Faculty of Engineering of Rajamangala University of Technology Isan Khon Kaen Campus would like to uniquely position the Faculty as a leader in providing its graduates with practical skills, expertise, disciplines, preparing them to be excellent in science and technology. The Faculty encourages a spirit of learning environment that promotes excellence and innovation towards society and ASEAN community.


1. Produce the graduates with skills, discipline, kindness, and excellent in Engineering, Science and Technology to serve the needs of national and regional enterprises.

2. Create innovation and researches which lead to the creation of intellectual property.

3. Provide academic and technology services to serve the needs of community and society.

4. Conserve the religion, cultures and environment for the society and nation.

5. React to the Royal Initiative Projects.

6. Manage effectively with the principle of good governance and improve the quality of life of university staff.

7. Develop cooperation network both domestic and international.

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