Faculty of Engineering

Rajamangala University of Technology Isan, Khon Kaen Campus

Historical Background

            Prior to the Faculty of Engineering at Rajamangala University of Technology Isan, Khon Kaen campus, the faculty has its origin in the general agreement between Thai government and Federal Republic of Germany government, in collaboration to promote technical education and produce a more skilled workforce in the Northeast of Thailand. The college was commonly known as “Thai-German Technical Institute Khon Kaen” (1963-1975).

            In 1975, the college became one of the campuses under the Technical and Vocational Education College which was royally renamed Rajamangala Institute of Technology in 1988.

            Under the Rajamangala University Act in 2005, the college has become a campus of the Rajamangala University of Technology Isan, one of the nine nationwide Rajamangala Universities of Technology.

            At present, Khon Kaen campus offers 3 levels of education: High Vocational Certificate, under graduate and graduate programmes. We focus on producing students and graduates equipped with skills as represented in the motto “Skills, Discipline, Kindness”. We have enjoyed a reputation amongst employers for producing graduates with knowledge and practical skills.

            The Faculty of Engineering was founded on 16th May 2007. We offer undergraduate and post-graduate courses in Engineering and Sciences. We supply at least 500 graduates each year into the workforce in accordance with the faculty’s philosophy “Leading in producing practical graduates with skills, discipline and kindness. Excellence in science, technology and innovation for society and ASEAN.”

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